Tuesday 31 January 2012

Evaluate the sales experience with mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is a great concept with market evaluation and the individual services. The concept is unique and complete in itself. For a potential business owner this can be a handy tool to evaluate and see where his sales and business has been lacking and how he can correct that. One can even say this as a blessing in disguise.
The mystery shopping concept goes this way. Suppose you have a home appliance store right in the center of the market. There are several other stores as well and you are facing and some way lagging behind. In that case this mystery shopping can be a helpful tool that can help you evaluate your customer services.
You hire a mystery shopping company and they send a disguised shopper to your store and sometimes would even supply the cash to shop out. Suppose the shopper enter the store and interact with the sales team and try to figure out how good they are with their interaction and knowledge of the products like patio heaters that bring booming demand in winters.
A good sales team should be user friendly and polite and moreover should have the exact and complete knowledge of the product they are selling. The mystery shopper will collect all the statistics from the store or would even collect the video proofs so that the entire scene from the store can be evaluated.
This way mystery shopping allows a business owner to see and evaluate his customer support services that are the base of any business success. When you are to hire mystery shoppers make sure they come from some reputable and reliable source. To hire the services for mystery shopping log on to: http://www.tern.co.uk